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Artist Opportunities

Art Reach of Mid Michigan Artists

The artists are the heart and soul of Art Reach of Mid Michigan; they provide the creativity and success of our programs and events. Our goal is to keep the arts and culture alive and well in the Mt. Pleasant area, and we do this by giving back to the artists that support us. 

Deb Birkam

Artist's Statement: Work primarily with acrylics on canvas but mostly on driftwood and other non traditional surfaces. Also create through Crochet, jewelry making and many crafting types. Will do commission work.

Teach at Art Reach, Joann's Fabrics, private groups and individual student classes

Participate in Art Reach Holiday market, display on occasion at Roz's Diner in Rosebush, Second Site Art Show and various other shows throughout Michigan.


Corby Blem

Artist's statement: My mediums cover artwork, caricatures and workshops. The art includes acrylics, watercolors, ink and colored pencil. The caricatures are done in either black & white or color using markers and crayons. The workshops are held twice a year, or I do customized one-on-one sessions. 


Facebook: Corby Blem - artist

Pinterest: Corby Blem - artist

Instagram: corby_blem

Etsy: CorbyBlemArtist 

Jon Bouck

Laura Coffee

Artist's Statement: Grew up in Mt. Pleasant. Studied sculpture and watercolor painting through CMU.

Teach art at East Kentwood High School on the South side of Grand Rapids for 21 years.

Participated in Artprize with paintings and sculpture.

Participated in painted chairs in Mt.Pleasant.

Owned an Art gallery, Tributary, with my brother in Grand Rapids ten years ago.  Hosted several art openings and other events (Including a show of Robert Barclay's Blues photography).  Helped start of ArtsAvenue in Grand Rapids.

Hoping to increase art portfolio and body of work soon.


Artist's statement: My diverse body of work explores the properties of color and texture. I play with a variety of styles and subjects, including abstract pieces, high contrast portraits, and cartoonish illustrations. No matter the medium, I do tend to enjoy the stranger aspects of the human experience and I'm not too worried about whether the reality of a particular subject is primarily objective or subjective. I hope something here sparks your imagination the way simply living in the world sparks mine.

Facebook: ArtbyLauraCoffee

Instagram:  laura_coffee


Darlene Cyr

Art medium is Henna Body Art

Artist's statement: I have been doing henna body art in the Midland/ Mt . Pleasant area for the last 9 years. I love to create and use the ancient art of henna to decorate, making my clients feel beautiful. Teaching henna art to others makes me feel I am spreading the love my daughter Morgan had before she passed her passion on to me. Henna Body Art classes and private appointments


Facebook: Henna for Morgan

C. Joanne Grabinski

Artist’s Statement: C Joanne Grabinski is an emerging artist (2011-current) whose art medium is Fiber: Needlepoint. On blank needlepoint canvas, she works with an array of threads made of silk, wool, soy, synthetic, metallic, cotton, and blended fibers in stitches/stitch patterns learned from others or of her own design to create one-of-a-kind art works. She favors asymmetry, geometric shapes and vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes. She loves playing with color, texture and composition as her original designs evolve. For most of her pieces, she selects a color palette and threads, then just begins stitching somewhere on the canvas and lets the design emerge—one section at a time—as she stitches.

Mail: PO Box 507, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-0507


Craig Hutchins

Artist's statement: I'm a local artist who works in acrylic paint, water color, graphite, charcoal, ink, alcohol markers and found items sculptures.

Instagram: mindseedcraig9

Facebook: Craig Hutchins art and illustration

Twitter: hutchinscraig72


Sheri Moore

Artist’s Statement: I paint. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a pastime. It’s a process. It's work. It keeps my mind engaged. It's an activity I choose to spend my time developing. It’s trial and error and frustrating and fulfilling. It’s layers of color coming together on a canvas creating a feeling. It’s a piece of me in front of all of you, put there for judgement without saying a word. Is it about me? Or is it about you? Or is it just a picture for a wall? All of these ideas I find fascinating. The people who make art are fascinating. The challenge of making the art even more so. I want to be fascinating, so I paint.

Facebook:  sherimooreart