Art Reach of Mid Michigan

111 E. Broadway Street * Mt. Pleasant MI  48858

Coming Soon to The Morey Family Gallery...

Stephen Grewe & Steven Parkhurst
June 4-30

Mt. Pleasant Area School Exhibit
May 2-30

Climate Change Juried Show (Various Artists)
April 4-28, 2018

Linda Craig (March 2-30, 2018)

  • "My Flowers & Garlands"
    "My Flowers & Garlands"
  • "Even in Winter, The Sun Glows" (29" x 26")
    "Even in Winter, The Sun Glows" (29" x 26")
  • "Salsa Time" 
(36" x 44")
    "Salsa Time" (36" x 44")
  • "99 Blocks on The Wall"
    "99 Blocks on The Wall"
  • "Northern Lights"
(46" x 30")
    "Northern Lights" (46" x 30")
  • "Fall's Coat of Many Colors"
From a photograph by Brenda Upton
26" x 40"
    "Fall's Coat of Many Colors" From a photograph by Brenda Upton 26" x 40"
  • "Hellebores" 
    "Hellebores" (11"x9")
  • Fall's Burst of Color 
(10"x 13")
    Fall's Burst of Color (10"x 13")
  • "Winter's Soft Glow"
(10"x 12")
    "Winter's Soft Glow" (10"x 12")
  • Pansies
(9"x 12")
    Pansies (9"x 12")
"My Flowers & Garlands"
"My Flowers & Garlands"

"Painting With Fabric" Artist's Statement

My rendering of nature is accomplished by collaging hundreds of solid, textured, and printed fabric bits and pieces to "paint" florals, landscapes, seascapes, and portraits.

Sam Soet (January 5-29, 2018)

  • Wooden collection by Sam Soet
    Wooden collection by Sam Soet
  • Boomerang and Cartwheel
    Boomerang and Cartwheel
  • Doll and Spear thrower
    Doll and Spear thrower
  • Mallet and slit drum
    Mallet and slit drum
  • Mortar and Pestle with dugout canoe
    Mortar and Pestle with dugout canoe
  • Spoon and bowl
    Spoon and bowl
Wooden collection by Sam Soet
Wooden collection by Sam Soet

Wooden Objects Working Artist Statement

The ten carved wooden objects are historical solutions to basic needs in human civilization and different versions of these objects can found in many early cultures. They were integral necessities for survival and each held significant importance in their own way. In contrary, objects in modern culture are cheap, fast, and easily consumed and discarded.

In creating large scale relics of historical significance, I am confronting the viewer to think about the function of objects in the past and how we use objects in the current day. Is our current solution better or worse, and in which ways? With all of today’s distractions and “stuff” I like to look into the past to see where we are heading.

Pop-Up Show (October 4-31)

October's show featured artwork from:

Mark Andrews
Larry Butcher
DJ Carmody
Isaac Davis
Barbara Engquist
Ted Evans
Cheryl Gould
Joanne Grabinski
Karen Green
Anne Heidemann
Garin Horner
Mary Jarman
Wendi Johnson
Danielle Little
Sheri Moore
Hailey Quinn
Delphine Rossignol
Cindy Smith
Jamie Smith
Judy Thurston
Rose Wunderbaum Traines
Julie Wells
Diane Zakala
Mike Zureich

Greg Stahly (September 1-27)

Greg Stahly received his BA from Goshen College in 2001 and his MFA from Indiana University in 2005. 

He produces both vessels and sculptures and is currently an Associate Professor at Central Michigan University where he is the head of the ceramics area.

Artist Statement

My current work is the combination of chance, unpredictability and control and its’ relation to the creation of a calculated vessel.  The surface is only revealed once it’s ‘printed’ – a process that yields results that cannot be duplicated in any other way.

Completing the surface of the vessel prior to the actual forming is something that is very different from the tradition of the vessel coming first and the surface embellishment second.  This reversal of process has enabled me to produce works that deal with flatland as the means for embellishment as well the world of actual vessels.

Gallery Exhibit schedule

Art Walk Central 2018

August 6-30

Artist Meet & Greet: August 9

Valbona Derdovski

September 5-29

Reception: Sept. 6 from 5 to 6:30 pm

Sheri Moore

October 3-27

Reception: Oct. 4 from 5 to 6:30 pm

Linda Morey
Richard Janis

2019-2020 Morey Family Gallery Exhibit call

Submission Requirements:

  1. Artist Resume including biography, contact information and exhibition record.
  2. Artist statement
  3. A written proposal of your exhibit, highlighting the intended gallery show theme.
  4. At least 8 high-quality images of recent work that indicate the proposed theme of work to be exhibited. Theme should be specific and focused, and should not be a representation of an entire portfolio.
  5. Image list including the title, medium, dimensions and date of each work submitted.

Submission deadline is September 30, 2018.

Please submit by email to [email protected] or by mail to

Gallery Committee

Art Reach of Mid Michigan

111 E. Broadway St. 

Mount Pleasant, MI  48858

The Morey Family Gallery is approximately 800 sq. feet and is located at Art Reach of Mid Michigan, 111 E Broadway, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858.

Submissions will be considered for two exhibit options:
1. The Morey Family Gallery 
  • Gallery wall space is 80 linear ft.
  • Gallery floor space is 800 sq. ft.
  • 2-D and 3-D artwork may be exhibited.
  • 2-D work should be equipped with hanging wires, as we utilize the Walker Hanging System.

2. Art Reach Off-Site Galleries: located at Isabella County Commission on Aging, Veterans Memorial Library, Mid Michigan Health and McLaren-Central Michigan Hospital:

  • 2-D work may be exhibited
  • Artwork must be available for one calendar year and will be rotated among all four galleries 
  • Linear wall space at Mid Michigan Health is 30 ft.
  • Linear wall space at Isabella County Commission on Aging is 74 ft.
  • Linear wall space at Veterans Memorial Library is 38.6 ft.
  • Linear wall space at McLaren-Central Michigan Hospital is 30 ft.