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Corby Blem

Artist's Statement: My mediums cover artwork, caricatures and workshops. The art includes acrylics, watercolors, ink and colored pencil. The caricatures are done in either black & white or color using markers and crayons. The workshops are held twice a year, or I do customized one-on-one sessions.


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Sheri Moore

Artist's Statement: I paint. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a pastime. It’s a process. It's work. It keeps my mind engaged. It's an activity I choose to spend my time developing. It’s trial and error and frustrating and fulfilling. It’s layers of color coming together on a canvas creating a feeling. It’s a piece of me in front of all of you, put there for judgement without saying a word. Is it about me? Or is it about you? Or is it just a picture for a wall? All of these ideas I find fascinating. The people who make art are fascinating. The challenge of making the art even more so. I want to be fascinating, so I paint.


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