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This (Art Walk Central)has certainly been a wonderful event for the community. Thanks!

Sally Rose - CMU Art Faculty.  April, 2016

Hi Kathy- You don't know me well at all but I wanted to tell you thank you for a long list of reasons. I listened to you speak once to a leadership class. You shared with us your reason for getting into art. You shared that you were never the artsy type but your daughter saw the world differently. You shared that you would drive down the road and as you would pay attention to time and direction your daughter would see colors and lines. You let us all know that you knew you would have to learn the arts in order to learn more about your daughter. That was a memorable line for me... Instantly I knew that was what I would have to do to know my Sophie. Sophie is brilliant (I might be biased) but that little lady's mind never stops. She studies everything- the lines, the colors, and how it works. That was never me- we did sports, we played hard and worked hard. I am trying to get her move involved in what she loves and Art Reach has been awesome. Today I took Sophie to a paint and pizza class. She was excited and the minute we walked in Susan was exited to see Sophie. I dropped her off and then I picked her up two hours later. On the way home Sophie had so much to say. She told me how much fun she had. She told me how she loves to paint. How when she feels sad she can paint and that goes away. How she loves meeting new friend at Art Reach- that she says they know her better. How Susan is fun to talk to and how when she can't talk she paints or draws. My heart was full. You and your beautiful organization helped do that. Thank you for all that you and your team do. I have taught Art Reach in the classroom two of the last three years. I am not great at it but I try. Your organizations has been a huge influence on our family. I can not thank your team enough. We look forward to more events at Art Reach. Thank you and your team for all you do ~ Erin.  April, 2016

Art Reach of Mid Michigan,

This week our fourth graders were treated to a marvelous experience~ our visit to CMU for a concert and introduction to musical instruments. They had a wonderful time. Each year we look forward to taking them to this wonderful opportunity to fall in love with the gift of music. We weren't let down! Our experience was delightful and our students are richer because of it. Thank you for all you did to make this possible.

-Staff & Students of Clare Primary

Our students had a fantastic time! They loved the humor involved and the fact that they were able to go up on stage for a hands-on experience. One of our students said that he would like to be in the orchestra when he gets to college. Thank you for providing this free experience for us! We are looking forward to next year.

 -Jessica Siefka

I feel that this event is very important for our 4th graders! Not only do they have an opportunity to experience a live performance to give them background knowledge, they were able to appreciate music in a natural setting! It is also obvious that the conductor appreciates and understands children of this age! Although this year's concert was shorter than in previous years, it allowed students more time to be on stage, which was by far their favorite part! Thank you!

-Laura Fox

Every year we enjoy coming to the concert.  Thank you ever so much for making it possible.  The kiddos ALWAYS love the opportunity to get up close and personal with the musicians and their instruments.  This year there were lots of opportunities to try out the different instruments and they really, really liked that.  As for the music, it is always good.  I don't think any of us would have minded listening to a few more songs.  Thanks again for all that you do to ensure an enjoyable and educational experience for us.

-Donna Venglar