Art Reach facilities are available for rent only during non-work hours, unless special arrangements are made through the Art Reach office.

  • Cost is $100 (minimum) which allows for 2 hours of use. “Use” is defined as the time you arrive until the time you leave. Additional time is charged at $50/hour. Please note: Your clean-up time will be included in your hours of use.

  • In order to rent our facilities, you must fill out a “Request for Building Use” form and leave a deposit of $100 which will serve as payment after your event. If you use the facility for more than 2 hours, you will be billed for additional time at $50/hour.

  • User is responsible for set up of room. If user wishes Art Reach staff to set up room, specific arrangements need to be made with Art Reach. There will be a fee of $50 if Art Reach staff sets up the room.

  • User is responsible to clean the used premises immediately after the use, and to leave premises in the condition existing prior to that use.

  • Rehearsal times and set up times are available only when the facility is not otherwise committed (i.e. another program is scheduled). Rehearsal time and set up time is included free of charge if it is conducted during regular store hours (M-F from 10-5:30 or Saturday from 10-4). If rehearsal or set up are scheduled for times other than when staff is normally at work, you will be charged at a rate of $50/hr.

  • When you rent the facility, the following areas are available for your use if they are not otherwise committed:

    1. Gallery (900 sq. feet) with access to 50 chairs.

      1. Meeting room (200 sq. ft) with space for 12 students. Tables and chairs may be arranged to meet your needs. Kitchen (oven, stove, sink and refrigerator available).

      2. Classroom (900 sq. feet)

      3. Restroom

  • All areas of the building are smoke-free.

  • Any refreshments for activities or meeting are to be provided by the user.

  • Any damages to the facility resulting from the use are the responsibility of the user to remedy promptly. If not remedied within 30 days or other agreed upon time frame, Art Reach may remedy as necessary and bill user for any expenses incurred.

  • Art Reach reserves the right to approve all uses of the building and all fees, tuition or other charges associated therewith.

  • Arrangements to move the piano must be made with Art Reach. If user requests that the piano be tuned, apart from our regular schedule, arrangements must be made with Art Reach and user will pay the cost involved (approximately $80).

  • The Board of Directors of Art Reach reserves the right to make exception to this policy and enter into negotiations for building use with any organization that proposes to use the building on an on-going basis. The Board of Directors authorizes the Executive Director to act as their agent.